Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love in your heart II

Just recently I was talking about the love in your heart as something described more rather than love you've installed in your heart but love you've unleashed in your heart. Now let me give you a scenario, when you just need to cut off that love literally, how would that be?

We know that the heart is really there to beat for love. And that sometimes it just comes to a point when clutters get into the heart's way, covering the love it has inside but by declogging it with the clutters may bring back the shining love inside. It's a natural phenomenon as it is. Yet there is this phenomenon when you just need to cut off the love, forcibly cover it just to keep your heart from further damage and pain.

It's like turning the wheel in a full 360 degrees totally to the opposing direction without early warnings. It's like banging the door to one's face. It's like stopping the waves of the ocean from kissing the shore. It's like turning the day into night and the night into day. It's like turning the world upside down. It's like blinding someone not allowing him/her to see the beauty of the world. It's like stopping the traffic from flowing forever. It's like stopping the world. It's like an unfinished song playing. It's like a racing motor slammed on the wall of the track. It's removing the life support of a dying patient. It's simply killing a passion in a person to die with you after you've poisoned your mind with thoughts that eat up your heart. The sad part, is that you did not succeed in the killing but just left the person in great pain and so much hurt.

Monday, January 9, 2012

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Visit to the Our Lady of Monte Maria Oratory

It's my mother's birthday and we have decided to celebrate it in somewhere three hours away from our place, somewhere down south, and it's in Tagaytay. Got up a bit but not really that early so we could catch the 10am mass at the Our Lady of Monte Maria Oratory. Unfortunately we arrived just when the mass was about to end. But fortunately though there is still healing pray over that followed right after.

I thought what we were going to is a church, until we got there. The place is still a soon-to-become oratory, a place of prayer as what the priest has said. Although it has already been initially developed to cater big number of Catholics visiting them, what is envisioned by Fr. Fernando Suarez there, to build a place known as the Oratory of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a majestic statue of Mary, the tallest in the world, standing on a mountain “like a beacon of light, a proclamation of love and faith, a steadfast companion”, her gaze benign, her hands raised in loving benediction over her children, is yet to come.

I believe that the place has come to certain popularity to Catholics who flock there even from far places because of the healing pray-overs that are held there. And true enough as what is stated in their vision "To share in God’s healing ministry in the world, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary."

Mass Schedules are as follow:
Monday - Friday 4:00pm
Saturday - Sunday 10:00am

Our Lady of Monte Maria Oratory is located at Barangay Amuyong, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines. You can also visit their website to know more

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love in your heart

One day I was confronted with this, let's say set of words, "Love you've installed in your heart..." At first glance what came up into my mind is all about a love developed in the heart for a person romantically so dear.

But a developed loved? Like that of a picture that underwent in a developing process? I remembered a story from someone whose house was flooded by the recent typhoon Reming that hit Luzon, she said that almost all the stuffs of her family were washed out by the water raging from the overflowed river in their town. She even shared that their wedding pictures were all watered and how she tried to dry those one by one just to preserve the remaining memories she can recover, although images were already vaguely viewable. With this I came to realize that not only time can give a fading effect on a developed picture but sometimes unexpected events, such as that flood that happened, can also wipe out the image that a picture can hold.

Now how about for a developed love? Can time and certain events fade it away as well? I tried going through the set of words again, and this word "installed" just lingered in my head. This made me ask, is love something that is really installed in the heart or is it some other thing around? This sounds like as if the heart is something empty and needs to undergo some installations before it can function.

Now I feel my own heart, as if it would like to speak for itself and react to what is said by this set of words. Since it involves the heart, my heart knows more than what my mind thinks.

The heart is pre-installed with love, they come in bundle even before it is assembled into the human body. So love is innate to each one of us. God created every man in own His image. God is love and so are we.

We are created out of love and with love already within our hearts. What the heart needs is no longer to be installed with love but rather to be opened in order for the love inside to come out.

There maybe times when you cannot feel love, check on your heart, maybe there are somethings that clutter around it, covering the love inside. The negatives vibes, feelings of fear, doubt, anger, hate, envy, pride and others are some that hides away the love in your heart. So there is a need to disclose your heart and one by one unclog the clutters to let love flows from the inside out.

Maybe this is also why there is one image of Jesus showing his heart outside of Him. To tell us that if we have a clear heart, we can give of love boldly and freely flow to others. What do you think about it? 

Allow me rephrase this set words to say, "Love you've unleashed in your heart..." Just a thought, what a wonderful feeling it would give us if we just unleash love and let it flow in and out of us freely, unclogging our hearts of the unnecessary stuffs. No need for installations.

Everyday let's check on our hearts, is love freely coming out from it or does it needs some unblocking to let love just flow?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


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Buchuko-Nachos for New Year

Happy new year 2012!!!

It has always been and will always be that new year is welcomed with a Medianoche in every home. This is why at home, we have always been busy every night of December 31, busy preparing foods to be shared by the family in time when the calendar shifts to the new year. And one menu we had for this time is Buchuko-Nachos (the recipe's name was coined just now). I cooked and prepared it obviously. Thanks to my brother who bought the ingredients that afternoon. And here I'm sharing the hows of doing Buchuko-Nachos.

ground beef
garlic, minced
white onions, sliced into small dice
tomatoes, sliced into small dice
bell pepper, sliced into small dice
tomato paste
cheese dip
nacho chips

1. Saute garlic, some of the white onions, ground beef. Add salt and pepper to taste. Then add the tomato paste and just a few water. Allow to simmer with low fire until the beef is cooked and dried up. Set aside.
2. Prepare the nacho chips, by placing in a platter. put on the beef over the chips followed by the remaining onions and tomatoes.
3. Finally, dress it with mayo and cheese dip. (I placed the dressings into different clear plastics, then created a hole on each, put on over the chips as if I was placing icing on cake.)

And tada... Buchuko-Nachos is done!!!

Glad that everyone liked it. =) 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tamiya Truck

For a year and two months now, after my shift from the corporate world as an SQA engineer to the entreprenurial world as a chicken raiser, I was with our dear Tamiya in almost my entire journey.

It was I think in 2006 when my father got our Tamiya from a surplus seller in our town. It is a white Suzuki mini truck converted from being a right-hand drive, as it was originally from Japan, to a left-hand drive to suit driving on Philippine roads. It was installed with its original stereo setup which can only scan AM and the one lowest FM bands we have here. And eventually it was replaced with a better one that has full FM bands.

For the past 4years it was generally used by my brothers to carry videogame units and my father to get him to farms in just nearby locations. But come the last quarter of last year, our Tamiya was task to be with me almost everyday of the week, travelling the miles more that of what it has used to be and raging the rough roads with all the dust and muds we encounter. Be it on a fair sunny day to rains to even storms. Our Tamiya has surpassed them all. And I may say it's still enduring these all upto this moment I'm speaking. I really appreciate the ruggedness, toughness and ease of use of our Tamiya even though it has no good working air condition system.

But lately maybe because of the rides that we've been through, it sometimes shows signs of somewhat wearing out or slowing down as to how it performed for the past months. This is why I am very much hopeful that soon we can get one, not necessarily a replacement, but maybe an additional so that our Tamiya may no longer be as over used as it was some months ago.